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galvanized wire mesh rolls China

galvanized wire mesh rolls accessories:
Brace Band , Tension band, Tensioner, Flat iron, Binding wire, Sleeve, Post Cap,etc.
Flat Iron : Support the folding chain link mesh
Brace band : Linking the post and Tensioner
Tension band : secure the post and flat iron
Single Barbed Arm: put the barbed wire
Double barbed arms : put the razor barbed wire on the post top
Product Advantage:

Smooth,bright,clean,no crack zinc layer uniform,strong adhesion,corrosion resistance and durable strength,excellent toughness and elasticity.

galvanized wire mesh rolls China

Product Display:

Our steel wire is made by drawing 45#, 65#, 70# and other high quality carbon structural steel and then by hot galvanizing.
Physical properties: galvanized steel wire has smooth, clean surface, no crack, joint, puncture, scar and rust.Not less than 1370 mpa tensile strength (wire diameter 1.6 mm - 5.0 mm Φ Φ).

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