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Wholesale barbed wire drawing

Barbed wire is a type of steel fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strand(s). It is used to construct inexpensive fences and is used atop walls surrounding secured property. It is also a major feature of the fortifications in trench warfare (as a wire obstacle). A person or animal trying to pass through or over barbed wire will suffer discomfort and possibly injury. Barbed wire fencing requires only fence posts, wire, and fixing devices such as staples. It is simple to construct and quick to erect, even by an unskilled person.

Wholesale barbed wire

Barbed Wire Materials: Galvanized steel wire, PVC coated iron wire in blue, green, yellow and other colors.
Surface treatment: Electro galvanized wire, hot-dipped galvanized wire, pvc coated wire.
Package: 1) Packed by water proof paper.
                2) Packed by woven bag.
                3) Packed by carton.
                4) Packed by wooden pallet.
                5) We can also make the package according to your requests.
Application: Barbed Wire mainly serves in protecting of grass boundary, railway, highway and also widely used in military, jail, industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, dwelling house, plantation for fencing.
Features: Galvanized barbed wire offers a great protection against corrosion and oxidation caused by the atmosphere. Its high resistance allows greater spacing between the fencing posts.
1. Anti-Climb
2. Protects against cut-through
3. Excellent visibility
4. Quick  and  simple  installation
5. High cost effective
6. Low maintenance costs

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