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Pvc Coated Iron Wire Sale Online

Thispvc coated iron wire can easlily & strong fix plants & grape vine, high quality material.  
We are proud to be the essential source for superb quality strong factory supply green pvc coated galvanized iron wire. The factory supply green pvc coated galvanized iron wire we offer come in a variety of sizes,  and styles.
Using PE, PVC material, can add ultraviolet resistant, anti-aging agent.
Dark green, bright green, white, black.
inner diameter 0.45mm-4mm, outer diameter 1.0mm-4.8mm.
Plastic coated wire service life
High density PE powder, surface water absorption rate is 0%, acid and alkaliresistant to common, use fixed number of year for 12 years.
PVC coated gi wire widely used in animal breeding, forestry protection, aquaculture, Park Zoo enclosure, stadium, with its corrosion resistance, aging resistance, longer service life than ordinary wire.
pvc coated iron wire Sale Online
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