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PVC Coated Iron Wire For Sale

PVC Coated Wire With iron wire or galvanized iron wire as material. PVC coated wire offers excellent corrosion resistance and longer service life compared with common galvanized wire. It is ideal for the protection of coastal areas and plant and animal facilities with an aggressive environment. Under these conditions, galvanized mesh netting will last a long time, since Zinc is not resistant to salty air. But the PVC coating cope with this factor. But Price of PVC coating is slightly higher than the price of galvanized wire.

PVC Coated Iron Wire for cages

Materials: Iron wire or electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized wire 
Diameter: 2.0 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm and so on.
Color:Dark/light green, dark/light blue, white, black, yellow, etc.
Pvc with heavy coated , crack-resistant
PVC Coated Wire Can be made to binding wire ,U type wire, straight & cut wire, double loop wire ties, rebar tie wire, underground hook wire, small coil wire.
Packing: Lined with PVC strips and wrapped with PVC or hessian cloth.
It has anti-aging property and longer service life compared with common galvanized wires.
It is relatively low in cost, beautiful and firm, wear-resistant, crack-resistant.
it possesses good insulating properties.
In coils or spools. 10 – 500kg/coil.
Inside with plastic film and outside with hessian cloth; inside with plastic film and outside with woven bag.
Our products can be customized according to you requirements.

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