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Fiberglass Mesh fabric For Grinding Wheels

Fiberglass Mesh fabric For Grinding Wheels Details:


Our fiberglass mesh have good grid fixity, and high strength, good adhesion with cement mortar,  excellent fitting positioning, excellent alkali resistance is very prominent, resistant to high alkaline substances concrete erosion. Strength retention rate> 90%, elongation <1%, the durability of more than 50 years. High elastic modulus 80.4Gpa, is can't reach by other chemical fibers.

Fiberglass Mesh fabric For Grinding Wheels

1) Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh  size: 2.5X2.5mm 4X4mm 5X5mm 10X10mm etc .
2) The weight of Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh :45g,60g,75g,100g,145g,165 etc .
3) We can produce many specifications and use different packagings according to customers' requests.   
It is widely applied in wall reinforce,external wall heat preservation and roofing water release.
It is also applied reinforcing cement,pitch,marble and mosaic construction.
The fiberglass mesh is an ideal engineering material in building industry.

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