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Conveyer Belt Wire Mesh Sale Online

 A certain conveying line transports the supply point of the material to the final unloading point to form a conveying process, which can carry out the transportation of the individual articles, and can also carry out the transportation of the scattered articles, which can be matched with the production process of the industrial enterprise. Thereby forming a rhythmic pipeline.

Conveyer Belt Wire Mesh Sale Online

Conveyer Belt Wire Mesh Details:

Material : AISI304/316 
Rod Pitch (mm): 5mm - 8mm
Wire Diameter(mm): 1.0mm - 2.0mm
Spiral pitch (mm): 50mm
Overall Width(mm): 300mm-1000mm   
Features of conveyor belt mesh:
Conveyor belt mesh can be into different types, including chain link type belt mesh, balanced weave, reinforced and other types offering different mesh opening and features.
Widely used in roasting foodstuff,printing,electronics ,cold storage ,metal heat treatment ,power plant,pharmacy plant, non-woven cloth factory,glass and ceramic factory, conveyor machinery and conveyor lines in many industries. 

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