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Conveyer Belt Wire Mesh For Sale

The Conveyer Belt Wire Mesh is made of high-quality stainless steel and carbon steel. After the precise weaving technology, the mesh belt has the characteristics of high density, fine mesh and flexible operation. The stainless steel conveyor belt is driven by chain and runs continuously.

A certain conveying line transports the supply point of the material to the final unloading point to form a conveying process, which can carry out the transportation of the individual articles, and can also carry out the transportation of the scattered articles, which can be matched with the production process of the industrial enterprise. Thereby forming a rhythmic pipeline.

Conveyer Belt Wire Mesh For Sale


  1. Low price, simple structure, convenient maintenance and repair

  2. Suitable to make collocation with the lifting&shifting conveyor, steering conveyor, pallet supply collecting machine.

  3.The frame construction could made to be aluminum profile and carbon steel.

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