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Black Annealed Wire Supplier

Advantages of Black Annealed Wire : The wire elongation increases the elongation of the wire after annealing. The product is softer and increases the applicable range of the wire. After electrogalvanizing hot-dip galvanizing, electroplating copper and other applications and wire mesh production. The weaving of the wire mesh has the methods of pre-coding, post-plating and post-coating. The treated wire mesh or steel wire mesh has good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics, and can be used for construction, petroleum, chemical, breeding, garden protection. Reinforcement, protection and insulation of food processing industries.
Black Annealed Wire Supplier
Wire Guage: BWG8 ~ 23 #
Wire Diameter: 4mm ~ 0.8mm 
Tensile Strength: 500~980 N/mm2
Coil weight: 25kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg in normal coils 400~500 Kg or by Z2, Z3 coils
Packing: wrapped with PE film inside, outside PVC woven cloth or Hessian cloth, Or can be put on wooden pallet.
Soft annealed wire
Types: Black soft annealed wire & Bright soft annealed wire or is named Soft annealed wire oxygen free. Black annealed wire which is made of iron wire, mainly used as tie wire or binding wire in construction. The Black annealed iron wire can also know as the Soft Anneal iron wire. 
Diameter: BWG16, 18#, 19#, 20#, 22#, are the most popular sizes for sale
Packing: in coil, by spool, or can be cut into sizes for binding/bundle 
USES: Black annealed wire is used as tie wire or baling wire in building, parks and daily bindin.
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